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Videos on how to find a leak at your home



AWS Leak Guideline for Leaks at the MIP connection (fitting that connects the meter assembly to customer’s water line).

When Auburn Water discovers or responds to a leak at your meter and the leak is at the MIP fitting and the customer is not home, AWS as a courtesy will replace the defective part at no charge. Once repaired we will verify there is no leak at the repair. Please be aware there is no warranty for this work. Should a leak occur at this location in the future, the customer will be responsible for any water loss. if you wish a warranty you may contact a plumber to redo the repair at your cost.

If the customer is home, the customer will have two options:

1. To allow AWS to fix the MIP with the same terms mentioned above. The customer is responsible for any water loss.

2. Customer is responsible to have the repairs made themselves or hire someone to do it. By choosing this option, customer is responsible for any damage to the meter assembly during the repair and any water loss.


High Water Pressure Information

If your home is in a geographically low point, or near one of our water wells, you may experience water pressure greater that 80 psi (pounds per square inch). Unfortunately, Auburn Water System cannot alleviate high water pressure, but you may install a pressure-reducing valve at your home or contact a licensed plumber to do the installation for you. The valve is installed on the customer’s side of the meter box.

A pressure reducing valve reduces the water pressure coming into your home, to protect your plumbing in much the same way that a surge protector protects your electronic equipment. There is another advantage to the pressure reducing valve. Suppose your water pressure is 100 psi. If that is reduced to 50 psi, ½ less water flows at the lower pressure. This can potentially save thousands of gallons of water a year.

The cost of a pressure reducing valve can vary. It is a good idea to get several quotes. Pressure reducing valves, like plumbing, have a lifespan and will need to be replaced sometime in the future.

Where does my responsibility begin and that of Auburn Water System end? The property owner is responsible for the water line from the end of the meter to the building/home. This includes the pvc fitting called an MIP, which connects the meter to the customer’s water line. Auburn water system is responsible for the water meter, meter box, the main supply line, dual check device and brass ball valve.

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