Board, ByLaws and Policies

Board of Directors FY July 2021 – June 2022

Joseph (Joe) Kearley – President

Brenda Smith – Vice President

Tim Bryant – Secretary

Mary Rankin – Director

Doug Sims – Director

Darren Marshall – Director

Lucy Smith – Director

Key Personnel

Mike Kapotsy- General Manager           850-682-3413 ext 114

Julie Hooks – Office Manager/Finance  850-682-3413 ext 123

Richard Laux – Operations Manager     850 -682-3413 ext 122

ByLaws, Rules & Regulations

Articles of IncorporationArticles of Incorporation

Cross Connection Control-Backflow Rules and Regulations

Resolution 012114 Seperate Water Meters

Community Notifications

Alert Okaloosa Emergency Alerting System Get alerted about emergencies and other important Okaloosa County events by signing up for our...

Rescission Notice

“No Rescission of Precautionary Boil Water Notices at this time.”

Boil Water Notice

Precautionary Boil Water Notice What Should I do There are no water boil notices at this time.