Water Utility Services

The following rates are effective for June 2017 billing.

Fixed Monthly Charge

Meter Size (inches) Total Charge
.75 21.03
1″ 27.53
1-1/2″ 32.13
2″ 44.72
3″ 137.84
4″ 172.31
6″ 308.04
8″ 491.97
10″ 692.83

Fire line connections will pay a fixed monthly charge based on size.



Usage Block Residential/ Commercial
0-3000 Included in minimum bill
3,001-6,000 $3.21
6,001-9,000 $3.60
9,001-12,000 $4.07
12,001-15,000 $4.49
>15,000 $5.07

A 10% late charge is assessed on all bills paid after the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend the late charge will be assessed at the close of business on the next work day

Usage Block Residential/
Membership Fee $5
Service Charge $40
Residential single family (owners) $75
Commercial $200
Residential (renters) without letter of credit $150
**Tap-on Fee (non-refundable)WATER, as of January 01, 2007
Standard residential (5/8″x3/4″) includes $2581.25
Commercial and/or Irrigation capable (1″) $3181.25
Large Commercial and/or Irrigation capable (1 1/2″) $3481.25
Largest Residential (2″) $4181.25

*taps include capacity replacement fee of $1250 and capital improvement fee$ 156.25

** Taps in The Pines or Triple Lakes subdivision add $1,000 to tap price

Larger Meter sizes are available with tap fees determined by site situation and material cost

Ancillary Charges

Reconnect Fee $40
After Hours Service Call $50
Temporary water*30 days-usage will be billed each cycle it falls under. a $25 SECURITY DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED $40 plus usage
Returned Check Fee:Up to $50,$50.01 – $300,$300.01 – $800,   $800.01 and up(5% of check) $25
Fire hydrant meter with backflow assembly **** Deposit $1250
Fire hydrant meter set and test charge $40
Replace meter lock $10
Fine for unauthorized use or tampering (breaking lock) with water meter or AWS water lines Up to $1,000
Replace 3/4″ meter $120
Replace 1″ meter $150
Replace meter register $65
Repair/replace curb stop $45
Backflow testing $40
Meter testing at Customer request, if meter is accurate $50
“Leak” rate > 15,000 gallons ***** $3 per thousand


Each dwelling must have a separate metered connection. Only specific exemptions apply-see resolution on home page.

*** Temporary water is defined as having water turned on for move in or move out cleaning or other temporary use not to exceed 30 days. See rates above***

**** Fire hydrant meter rental, water consumption rates and policies are listed on separate schedule and available upon request.

***** Members with leaks may request relief from the conservation rate and be billed at the bulk rate of $3 per thousand gallons. An account may be adjusted a maximum of 1 time per 12 months. A request for leak form and documentation is required. Usage of less than 15,000 gallons will not be considered for a leak adjustment.

Deposit Policy: Any member with good payment history may upon request transfer an existing membership deposit and any outstanding bill to a new address. All deposits will be held without interest paid to the member. All deposits will be held in perpetuity until refunded.


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