Water Saving Tips – Outside Your Home

Method Approximate Water Savings
Water your garden with a deep soak once weekly rather than several shallow times per week 50 gallons per week in Summer
Water your yard at night or early in the morning to prevent rapid evaporation during the heat of the day 35 gallons per 1/2 acre per watering
Use a garden hose nozzle which can be shut off when not in use, and adjusted to a fine spray 5 gallons per minute
Use a broom or rake to remove leaves and debris from driveway, walkways, patios, and pool decks 40 gallons per 5 minutes of usage
Cover swimming pool to reduce evaporation Yearly equivalent of the pool’s volume for average sized pools
Wash your car at home, rather than a car wash 500 gallons per wash
Wash with bucket and sponge rather than hose. Reuse water for chrome, hub caps, and wheels 85 gallons or more per wash
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