Water Saving Guide – Bathroom

Method Approximate Water Savings
Take a 5 minute shower instead of a bath 15 gallons
Install a low-flow shower head to reduce water use by 50% 3 gallons per minute per shower
Bathe in a tub filled less than 1/2 with water 10-15 gallons per bath
Install 1.6 gallon toilet 4 gallons per flush
For older Toilets, place water-filled plastic jug in toilet tank, away from working parts Up to 2 gallons per flush
Flush half as often as toilet is used 12 gallons per person per day
Don’t use toilet as wastebasket, flush only when essential 12 gallons per person per day
When brushing your teeth, turn off tap while brushing 2 gallons per person per day
When shaving, partially fill basin (a few inches) instead of running tap 2 gallons per person per day
Replace old faucets 2.5 gallons per minute per person
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